me and dante watched the whole cutscene movie of the original disgaea last night until 4 am and it was SO fun!!! that was probably the most fun thing ive done in weeks and i really enjoyed it :D i want to watch all of them now, although i wish i could get d3 or d4... alas i only have a ps4 and i hate renting.... also no money :pensive:
in other news, im still working on a big art piece.. i hope itll be done by today. i still need to enter the food fantasy facebook contest orz


theres a bunch of stuff i need to fix D: idk what the deal is with the update box on the index page!! maybe because its positioned absolutely but in preview images its like halfway off the screen.. is that just how neocities previews it? dunno. also, someone said the about page is bugged with the nav bar? it doesnt show up on mobile either. im just too tired to work on anything lol OTL
also, i hope i can like.. find more motivation to draw. art is so harddddd and depressions a bitch


talesofberseria neocities is finally up after about a month of working on the site! i'm really excited to publish it!! there's still stuff i need to work on like the ocs page and all but i feel like i have enough to publish the site lol

None yet!

check back later for more!


if i ever write any... OTL