Lv. 16 HP

Type: /

Ability: Pixilate

Held Item: Shiny Stone

Lonely nature. Often lost in thought.

hello! my name is king, but you can also call me sirius or siri! this is my personal website, where im trying to learn more html and css.. and maybe javascript? i dont really know! coding is fun when it does what you want it to do. im gonna do the best i can with 1GB of free stuff haha

a bit about me!! im 16 years old, a butch lesbian, and i go by he/him or she/her. i respond to both masculine and feminine identifiers!! (so like, "mister" and "miss" are both cool.) if this confuses you, feel free to ask me about it! im a white american and currently in my junior year of high school.

my biggest interests are in art, web design, graphic design, and i plan to go into a career in game design. im REALLY passionate about video games and tales of berseria means more to me than anything else (besides my best friend and my cat). velvet crowe is my favorite character from anything ever and i love her sooo much. i only have a ps4 and 3ds so most of my games are sourced from those. i LOVE jrpgs!!

regarding TOB, i first played it in the july of 2017. i enjoyed it so much i completed it in three days and stayed up 24 hours straight at one point to finish it! since then ive played through it in its entirity a second time and have logged about 210 hours on it in total! it makes me really really happy, and its what this site is primarily centered on lol (if the url wasnt any indication)

my mental health isnt the best but i try very hard to keep it in check. however, this means i dont always remember to/have the ability to reply to messages, and i tend to behave in strange ways, but please dont take it personally. managing my emotions and my time is very difficult for me, so please try to be patient with me! on top of not being mentally well, i have a lot of responsibilities in my real life, too. also, please do not share sexually explicit content with me, im a minor.

if you want to learn more about me, feel free to look at the rest of the site!! thank you very much for reading, and i hope you have a great day!




  • my best friend dante
  • my cat buddy
  • my other cat muffy
  • rain
  • fairy lights
  • nautical stuff
  • surreal / psychological horror
  • fantasy / adventure
  • lakes and oceans
  • mtn dew
  • dr pepper
  • hoodies
  • button up shirts
  • stars
  • koi fish
  • rodents
  • cats
  • sushi
  • jazz
  • edm
  • drum n bass
  • rpgmaker games
  • leeches
  • steak
  • blankets
  • making stupid lists
  • really stupid jokes